All about.....Pugs

Pugs are considered to be little clowns at heart, and like to put on a show and I’m sure any pug owner would have a few stories about their antics that have had them laughing and bringing such a positive vibe to any situation!

They are really affectionate great with kids and very intelligent in terms of their adaptiveness.

This playful and loyal breed are a great choice for first time dog owners and are happy with a walk a day – they are not known to be the athletes of the dog world; and are happy to be curled up on your lap once they have had their daily sniff around outside.

Pugs are affectionate small dogs with adorable characteristics and are happy to fit into your lifestyle so long as they get plenty of attention and of course cuddles.

Although they are a small breed they are sturdy and carry themselves with dignity. Originally bred as lap dogs they are easy going but do also have a stubborn streak and can be highly sensitive (ie. A bit of a diva!!)

So long as they have been brought up properly by their pet parents Pug’s are great with other dogs and animals.

They have a ‘squashed’ face look with a short muzzle and wrinkles around their dark eyes. Pugs have a curled tail and short double coat and are generally black or fawn although there are a varieties of colours. They have velvety little ears and their bottom teeth tend to over shoot their lower teeth (adding to their cute look!).

The Pug breed originated in China in around 400 BC (or maybe even before this as their history is a little hazy) and were originally classed as royal dogs hanging around with Chinese Emperors and living in the lap of luxury! (Nothing more than they deserve of course!). When the breed started to spread further afield in Asia they could also be found living in monasteries in Tibet as companions for the Buddhist Monks.

This immensely popular breed is loved by young and old alike and prized by celebrities who love to show them off; without doubt the pug’s popularity as a lapdog and companion will continue for centuries to come.

If you have any stories about your family pug or photos please post we would really love to see them in action.

If you fancy treating them like the royalty that they are please take a look at these beds and coats to keep them in the manner they are accustomed to.

Hope you enjoyed this read The Petsnooze Team.

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