All about ... Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers are a very sociable fun loving and intelligent breed. But can be absolute goof balls too!

They want to be everyone’s friend; prone to the ‘zoomies’ and a good old dig (even if it’s in your best flower bed – they just don’t care!)

They are brilliant with children and that’s why many families pick the breed to become part of their pack.

Labs also make a great watch dog and have a deep bark that would make anyone think twice about entering your home uninvited – although unfortunately the unwelcome visitor may end up with more kisses than growls!

They are easy going and rewarding dogs but will definitely seek out any attention they can get from anyone who is willing (or not) to give them a stroke a belly rub or even an armpit scratch.

Another trait of many labs is their ‘hollow legs’ labs are known to be quite happy to eat mostly anything that is put in their bowl or that they can persuade you to give to them from your plate using those puppy eyes. They seem to love everything from a cheeky crisp to a piece of cheese the smellier the better! Even if they don’t like the taste of something they will still give it a go a few times just in case!

Labs come in all different shapes and sizes and are the most popular of all pedigree breeds due to their adaptability to be part of the family, a working gundog a service dog or guide dog.

Their origins are in Newfoundland which from the 16th century was renowned for their fishing industry and had trade routes between England and Canada. Labrador retrievers were used there to help fishermen salvage fishing nets and lost lines and also pull carts that were loaded with the day’s catch. 

Labs also love to sleep ! When they aren’t getting into mischief or looking for their next snack you will normally find them snoring away in their beds, on your feet or in your bed – they are professional creepers up those stairs when they don’t want you to know what they are upto!

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We are passionate about your pet!


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