Cats have been scientifically proven to reduce owner stress. As many owners have spent more time on their own these furry friends have helped support us through this time. Cats have helped people by reducing loneliness and filling the gap of social interaction as people have had much less contact with their friends and family.

Distancing ourselves during the pandemic has been one of the biggest challenges, however cats have been able to fill this void and our need for social interaction. Cat’s seem to understand the increased need for social interaction and adapt their behaviour. Not all cats are the cuddly type but many people have mentioned that they seem to have an intuition that we need more physical interaction.

Cats provide comfort, companionship, and their purr and soft fur can provide a relaxing environment to distress from the day.  That said sometimes working from home with your cat can also be challenging with the occasional crashing of a video conference or a few extra keystrokes in your document as they glide across the keyboard! As all cat lover's know they are a law unto themselves!

Your pets have now probably met most of your work colleagues via video conference and hopefully have caused a laugh or two during the formalities. So not only can your pet improve your physical wellbeing, but they provide a bond to increase your mental wellbeing too!

At Petsnooze we like to make sure your Cat’s are happy to please come visit us and take a look at our range of beds and accessories.

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