All about.....Staffies

Staffies can make great family pets they are an affectionate breed and are absolutely brilliant with kids. They are gentle souls and thrive on attention.

They can be noisy due to their short snouts they are very vocal and you’ve got to giggle because they sound like they are trying to talk to you!

Staffies can live quite happily with other dogs; but they are playful so are best suited to living with dogs on the more energetic side who want to play and rest with their buddy.

The breed are muscular medium sized with a short coat and broad head.

Their coat can be white, blue, fawn, red, or black. Sometimes with a white marking or in brindle.

They are brave and a loyal companion and definitely a lover not a fighter – which is unfortunately part of what they were originally breed for.

From the 13th century onwards Staffies were used for blood sports like bear, bull baiting and dog fighting. Dog fighting was abolished in 1835 and the breed was finally officially recognised by the kennel club in 1935 as their popularity had grown based on their affectionate and trustworthy companion traits rather than their fighting abilities.

They are classed as one of the most popular breeds in the UK with their name originating from the black country of Staffordshire and a descendant of the bull and terrier breeds.

They are clever little pups who love praise, food, play and of course a good nap! Watch out for the snoring!

Staffies are a great dog breed for any family or individual easily trained and oh that smile – how can you resist!

Here a few ideas for collars to make them look even cuter and some snuggly beds and blankets to keep your staffie companion warm this winter.

We hope you enjoyed this read The Petsnooze Team .

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