Easing of lockdown and our pets

After several months of our pets being with us 24/7, lockdown is beginning to ease, kids are soon returning to school and employers are beginning to call staff to return to work for those lucky enough still in employment. Pets are beginning to realise they are now being left alone for longer periods.

The new routine can led to anxiousness and stress at least for a small period of time. We all love our dogs and cats and want them to feel happy, safe and secure. So there are a few things we can do to help return our pets to their usual routine.

If practical within social distancing rules try to prepare your pet by returning to old routines. Changing the routine slowly until you can align your routine to what it will be is the best approach. If walk times and food times have changed during lockdown try to return this to similar times before lockdown.

Although we don’t want to ignore our pets we should not give them attention every time they demand it. Let them go to to their comfortable bed or play with a toy alone to keep them occupied. Other things you can try is to sit in your garden (subject to weather) and gradually increase this time away from your pet.

So below are our top 5 recommendations for our cats and dogs

  • Always make sure their bed is comfy before leaving them alone so they can be relaxed whilst you are away.


  • Fill a food dispensing toy with kibble, mix with some water and freeze it so it doesn’t fall out.


  • Build routine slowly, and try and reduce contact with your pet.


  • Try to reduce the amount of attention you have been giving you pet during lockdown.


  • Finally be patient lockdown has affected us all, and your pet feels it just as much as you.


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