International Dog Day – 26th August 2022

Time to celebrate the remarkable diversity of dogs in the world!

There are so many differences between our four-legged friends, even members of the same breed or litter mates can behave and react to things so differently.

They all have their own personality which we’re sure you all know!

We live every day and share our homes and lives with these beautiful creatures and International Dog Day is a great time to honour all dogs and their individuality.

Some traits are predictable based on the breed but how many dog lovers have lost a Labrador or Beagle and decided to adopt another; only to discover that their new companion has a completely different way of going about their days; including walking styles, where they like to sleep and if they are energetic even after a walk or if they are quite happy to be a couch potato.

Do you have a confident dog who wants to be leader of the pack and has you wrapped around their paw?

Do you have an independent dog who takes off to bed when there’s a situation they aren’t enjoying? (a bit of an introvert who will give out the love on their terms)

Do you have a happy laid back dog, who will go with the flow and gets on with everyone including the cat? (although may well dive all over you and any visiting guests to give out kisses)

Do you have a people pleasing pooch loving, affectionate and can keep their excitement in check just for you?

Do you have a timid dog who is shy in new situations and loves you for the comfort and security you provide?

Outside of these personality types there is so much more to your best friend that sometimes only you see. Loud yawns, the itchy spot that you scratch to make them look like they are riding a bike and the way they love and bond with you.

I guess what we are trying to say is that you cannot make a sweeping statement to say that all Chihuahuas, Yorkies and Golden Retrievers and all the other canines out there are the same because of their breed type…… they are all individual just like us!


To all the dogs out there You do You! Happy International Dog Day!

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