How do I size my dog for a harness?

All you need to know about Dog Harnesses

One of most common questions we are asked is how I fit my dogs for a harness, which is a great question. First of all why would you want a harness? Harnesses can sometimes be preferred over collars as they can assist with dogs which may be keen pullers.

There are also many other benefits to harnesses like improved support and posture. Collars are easier to slip when taking your dog for a walk, however this is much less likely if your dog is fitted with harness. Harness fitting relies commonly on two main measurements Chest and lower neck measurements.

Another top tip is make sure you don’t wrap the tape measure to tight, it should be not too lose, either we like to call this snug.

Neck Measurement

When measuring the neck measure below where your dog normally wears a collar, this should normally be above your dog’s shoulders.

Chest Measurement

When taking the chest measurement we would recommend measuring around the widest part of the chest, so don’t always just measure behind your dog’s armpits, if you measure from the bottom of your dog’s rib cage, you're are on the right track. 

There are more and more harnesses available but another key point to consider is if you purchase a front clip or a back clip harness. Front clip harness are designed to reduce pulling however can sometimes place pressure on your pets chest depending on how hard they pull. Back clip harnesses are more traditional however in some cases it can lead to increased pulling.

Here at Petsnooze, we know every dog is different so we can help you get it right. Also if you have any questions whatsoever you can always try our live chat or drop us an email at

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