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4 food types for a healthy cat

It's not unusual for Cats to try different foods, although most cats can’t conduct research into nutrition and food type benefits.

As most vets would advise its best to give your furry friend nutritionally designed cat food to help ensure good digestion and a healthy happy cat. However for those who can’t help but treat your cat there are other foods which cats can consume safely and enjoy in moderation.

1. Cooked Fish or fish oils
2. Meat
3. Oatmeal
4. Well cooked eggs

When feeding fish to your cat we would recommend the fish is cooked to reduce any risk of your feline friend becoming ill. Eating from a can is also a big no, no to reduce any risk of injury. Fish oils can help promote a healthy cat coat, They also find fish extra tasty so I’m sure your cat will show its appreciation !

Cooked meat is also a good option but we would recommend to keep it as bland as possible without spices and without bones. Make sure the meet is not too hot as not to risk upsetting your pets stomach.

Eggs are also a great choice providing they are well cooked as they are packed with protein and can provide nutrition with vitamin B. Some Cats can be allergic to certain foods so please ensure only small quantities are given if experimenting outside of cat food.

Unlike my Dog, Cats can be fussy eaters so don’t be disheartened if your Cat does not eat everything which you would like it to try. We love our pets and want to ensure they are happy and comfortable, whether thats pampering your pets with a new beds or toys, or providing a tasty treat.

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