Dog and Cat Awareness Days 2022

This list is not exhaustive but it gives you a good idea of the pet holidays and awareness day's for 2022.🐕🐈

January 2022 Pet Holidays

(Walk your dog month)

14th – National dress up your pet day
22nd – National answer your cat's question day
24th – Change a pet's life day

February 2022 Pet Holidays

(Dog training education month, Pet dental health month. National cat health month, Responsible pet owners month)

20th – National love your pet day
22nd – National walk your dog day
23rd – Dog biscuit appreciation day

March 2022 Pet Holidays

(Pet anxiety month)

14th – Pet theft awareness day
20th – Dogs in yellow day
23rd – National puppy day
27th – National terrier day

April 2022 Pet Holidays

(Active dog month, National pet first aid month)

10th – National hug your dog day
11th – National pet day
18th – Pet owners independence day
19th – National dog parent appreciation day
19th – National cat lady day
23rd – National lost dog awareness day
27th – International guide dog day
30th – National therapy animal day

May 2022 Pet Holidays

(National pet month)

1st – Start of National pet week
2nd – Mayday for mutts
2nd – Start of dog anxiety awareness week
14th – Chihuahua appreciation day
14th – Pick up poo day
20th – National rescue dog day
29th – National dog friendly day

June 2022 Pet Holidays

(National foster a pet month)

4th – Hug your cat day
5th – Start of National pet appreciation week
9th – World pet memorial day
20th – Start of Take your pet to work week
24th – Take your dog to work day

July 2022 Pet Holidays

1st – ID your pet day
1st – National pet travel safety day
5th – National pet remembrance day
14th – Dog on a lead day
26th – National dog photography day
31st – National mutt day

August 2022 Pet Holidays

5th – Work like a dog day
8th – International cat day
10th – Spoil your dog day
21st – International homeless animals day
26th – National dog day
28th – Rainbow bridge remembrance day
30th – National holistic pet day

September 2022 Pet Holidays

(National pet insurance month, National service dog month)

5th – Canine enrichment day
8th – National dog walker appreciation day
9th – Happy dog day
11th – National pet memorial day
20th – Start of National dog week
18th – Start of Deaf pet awareness week
18th – Love your dog groomer day
25th – National Schnauzer day
27th – Sighthound day
30th – Pet tricks day
30th – Dog separation anxiety day

October 2022 Pet Holidays

(National pet wellness month)

1st – Start of National walk your dog week
1st – National black dog day
2nd – Canine companion day
4th – World animal/pet day
12th – Pet obesity awareness day
18th – Bull Breed Day
27th – National black cat day
29th – National cat day
29th – Muddy dog day

November 2022 Pet Holidays

(Pet cancer awareness month, Pet diabetes month, National senior pet month)

1st – National cook for your pets day
1st – International pet groomer appreciation day
6th – Start of National animal shelter and rescue appreciation week
7th – National canine lymphoma awareness day
12th – World animal enrichment day
25th – National dog breeder day

December 2022 Pet Holidays

(National cat lovers' month)

1st – Twin with your dog day
2nd – National mutt day (again)

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