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The adorable cocker spaniel is a beloved companion to many of us, they are sweet in nature and make superb family pets; although they are a quite excitable and lively breed!

They live to please you and tend to be non aggressive and tolerant making them a favourite choice for people with kids in the home, not a breed to pick if you are looking for a watch dog! As they want to be wherever you are whether that’s running around in the garden or snuggled up in bed with you.

Cocker’s are highly trainable in obedience and agility they are intelligent dogs but because of their gentle nature don’t respond well to harsh training methods.

There are also many cocker spaniels who are celebrities. Elton John lost his beloved Arthur his black and white cocker in 2018 who was reported to have been his best man at his wedding. He dedicated a song to him on stage “Don’t let the Sun go down on me”

Oprah Winfrey called her cocker Sophie the “true love of her life” and who can forget the classic animated Disney film with the female cocker spaniel lead role “Lady and the Tramp” Italian food and dogs what’s not to like?!

The name ‘cocker’ derives from a game bird called the woodcock that these dogs are used to flush out for hunters.

There are two breeds of Cocker Spaniel the American Cocker Spaniel and the English Cocker Spaniel bred as gun dogs they are sent into the woods where they disturb the game birds up into the air for the hunters to shoot, they then use their brilliant sense of smell to find the bird and bring it back to the hunter. Because of their soft mouths they don’t damage the bird that they have retrieved.

Cocker Spaniel coats come in lots of different colours and mixtures of colours. Some of the solid colours include black, red, liver and golden.  Whilst the mixtures can be roan for example a blue roan cocker is a cocker that has black hairs and white hairs mingled together, tricolours, and solid colours with individual white markings. Their coats are silky soft and they need to be groomed regularly to stop tangles in their beautiful fur.

Cockers Spaniels are a special breed they love their exercise and equally to curl up on the couch with you. Treat them to a new pretty collar or warm blanket today.

We hope you enjoyed this read! The Petsnooze Team.

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