Top 10 indoor activities for you and your dog

So the weather seems to be on the change and it looks as though we have some wild and windy days ahead of us.

Walkies still need to be part of the daily routine and if your dog is anything like mine then they will be heading straight for the nearest puddle or worse mud bath.

Garden play tends to change from playing fetch on the grass to playing games inside the house and just like us our four legged friends get bored of the same activity. So here are some ideas to keep you both entertained balanced and to wear off any excess energy by using brain power as well as physical play.

Top 10 ideas for indoor fun with your pooch

1) Puzzle toys

Dogs can be extremely switched on and their potential to learn is astonishing

Stimulate their brains and keep them engaged by playing puzzle games. Hide treats under cups and shuffle them around for a fun guessing game or treat them to a get them a puzzle treat dispenser to keep them entertained. This is also great for those greedy guts as it acts as a slow dispensing way to feed them.

2) Play hide and seek

Show your dog a treat then ask him to wait then hide somewhere in the house. Shout their name and watch them come running to find you oh and their precious treat. Great training game as well as a lot of fun and bonding.

3) Tug-of-war

The age old tug of war game – not many dogs can resist a competition to see who’s the strongest! Not only will it help to strengthen their jaw it can also be an incredibly useful tool for redirecting your dog’s behaviour if they keep biting; and the bonus is it tires them out biting something that’s appropriate to chew.

4) Let them help you around the house

Many dogs were originally working dogs, so teach them to fetch you items and pull things open like the washing machine door. Tie a rope to it and watch them learn how to accomplish the task.  Rewarding for both parties!


5) Teach them a new trick

Teach your dog to bark on command, twist or shake hands. Or our favourite play dead very entertaining!

6) Dinner Date

A meal for two with your beloved pet …Date Night!

Meat and two veg followed by fruit salad with watermelon and berries what’s not to like dog and dog parent friendly.

You could even turn your hand to baking some doggy treats or filling their favourite chew toy with frozen dog friendly peanut butter.

7) Schedule a puppy play date

If your dog is socialised and likes to have doggy friends then scheduling a puppy play date could be an exciting experience.

You will have an entertained and tired pup once all of the fun is over!

8) Sniff and Search

In our house we call this where it gone…where it go??

Get some dog treats or maybe some pieces of carrot. Ask the dog to wait and hide the treats around your home. Give them the command and off they go on an adventure to find their food.

9) Movie night

Snuggle up on the sofa with a classic movie. Lots of dogs enjoy watching and listening to the TV. It’s also a lovely bonding experience …although you may have to turn the tele up when the snoring starts! If your pet gets too warm or is more comfortable sitting next to you on the floor set them up in a nice cosy bed.

10) Pampered pooch day

Give your dog a bath, blow dry and good old brush. Our dog also loves a full body massage – who wouldn’t! You could also treat them to a new collar or coat to complete the day.

Petsnooze have a fair few products that could help you with some of these ideas please take a squiz at the links included in the blog.

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