6 Ways to mentally stimulate your dog (Part 3)

Following our previous blogs “6 Ways to mentally stimulate your dog (part 1)” & Part2 we had a good response asking what else can we do?  We also had some great ideas come to our inbox ideas@petsnooze.co.uk.

So here goes…..


5. Teach Your Dog Some New Tricks

    Most dogs know a few tricks, which include Sit, Stay, Down and here, However there are a lot more tricks out there which can keep your dog both physically and just as importantly mentally stimulated. There is always another trick with trick training, which is great!

    Teaching you pooch something new whether that be a command or a trick will help boost your dogs confidence and keep your pet interested. Learning new commands can also be fun not only for your dog but also for you. It has been proven that increasing the number of commands or tricks your dog can complete helps increase the strong bond between your dog and you the owner. This also helps with impulse control by allowing increased focus.

    So we have searched the deepest darkest part of the web and found some of the best tricks out there to teach your pet. We found several great information sources but this list of 52 tricks at Doggie Buddy is by far the most comprehensive guide we found.

    Our favourites were trick 19 and 34 the jumping pole, and 34 teaching your dog to fetch slippers (albeit a bit risky)

    Jumping Pole:-Get down on all fours and have your dog jump over your back. This is not only fun for your dog, but for the whole family. Involving people adds a lot of excitement to a simple jumping trick, and children think it is funny to see people get on their hands and knees so a dog can jump over them. This is a great trick for social events and is a staple for show dogs.

    Slipper Fetch:- This trick is a combination of Take it, Bring it, and Give. When you tell your dog to get your slippers, he will take them, bring them, and drop them right in your hand. What if you lost your slippers? Wouldn't this be a helpful trick! Just tell your dog "Get my slippers!" and off he'd go. In no time he would come back with the pink slippers and drop them by your feet. Some dogs can bring both slippers at the same time. But if you're having difficulty getting your dog to bring both slippers, keep your slippers together with a piece of velcro or string. You don't have to keep them together, however. Your dog will do just as fine getting them one at a time.

    Take a look at Doggie buddy it’s a great site, also please comment if you have any tricks to add to our community.

    Thanks the Petsnooze team.



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